Youth Oasis Children’s Shelter communication research

For an entire semester I’ve had an opportunity to participate in a public relations service learning class where I partnered with students to create a PR firm that put on a campaign for a nonprofit in the Baton Rouge area. We were assigned the nonprofit Youth Oasis Children’s Shelter. We conducted research on the nonprofit’s past success in communication and awareness.

Our research can be found in our Youth Oasis Research Report

In order to collect primary research, we created an online survey that we sent to individuals in our desired key public across Baton Rouge.

From the survey, we attempted to discover the awareness and attitudes Youth Oasis’s key publics have towards the nonprofit, as well as what people think of when they hear “Youth Oasis.”

Our results have shown us that most people are way off-base when it comes to what the nonprofit is and what it does. We decided that we need to focus on the nonprofits mission in order to correct those views.

The following word clouds depict what the public thinks of when they hear “Youth Oasis” as well as what nonprofits come to mind according to our research.

Our research proves that the Youth Oasis Children’s shelter lacks the necessary community awareness in order for it to thrive. Upon receiving these findings, we developed a fundraiser event to increase its awareness and funding for the shelter in hopes that its image and message would be accepted in the community.


We raised a total of $5,700 for the nonprofit and had more than 200 people attend the event. We plan to send a post event survey to measure the effect on awareness the event created.

To learn more about the campaign and event success visit our blog post titled, “Thrive’s overall experience and service-learning.” You can watch our group’s evaluation video here.


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