Sweater Weather

With the semester coming to an end, it seems like the work load piles on and our stress levels start to steadily rise. Between the mix of completing final assignments, beginning to study for finals and trying to find time to sleep, it can seem like an extra task having to calm yourself down and distress. But what if I told you that a sweatshirt could help you relax?

A new sportswear line called Vollebak collaborated with researchers to develop this relaxing sweater. In the late 1970’s, a researcher by the name of Alexnder Schauss discovered that a certain color of pink, a Pepto Bismol color, had the ability to slow a person’s heart rate and reduce aggressive and violent behavior. Schauss believed that this Pepto Bismol color pink known as Baker-Miler pink, had the same calming ability that yoga or meditation has.

The Vollebak creators, Steve and Nick Tidball, decided to use this research by Schauss as the basis for their hoodie sweatshirt called Miller-Baker Pink. The idea behind the sweater is to discourage the wearer from using more energy to relax than is absolutely necessary. The sweatshirt has a mesh visor that makes the wearers view on the world, a soft pink hue. The brothers designed the mesh visor to encourage the wearer to breathe through the nose, which ultimately slows down the body’s rate of respiration. Additionally, the hoodie has pockets designed to cradle the wearer’s arms like they are being cradled in a sling for a broken arm. The brothers say that the sweater is supposed to act as a straight jacket in order to cradle the wearer into relaxation.

The two brothers are avid adventure sports athletes who wanted to address problems that athletes often face. They said that a lot of sports brands are obsessed with trying to use the latest and greatest materials that athletes would like to wear. Instead, the Tidball brothers approach their designs from the standpoint of looking for what athletes needs, not want. They claim that athletes need a way of calming their nerves before competing, and Miller-Baker Pink sweatshirt was designed to do just that.

So, if you’re looking for a way to de-stress in the last few weeks of the semester, you can buy this “relaxing” hoodie for a whopping $330,. Or instead go to the LSU UREC for a free yoga class! Happy studying my fellow stressed out tigers!

Here is the link to the sweater : Vollebak sweater


Stinson, L. (2015, November 22). Vollebak’s Pink Hoodie Supposedly Calms You by Zipping Over Your Face. Retrieved November 23, 2015, from http://www.wired.com/2015/11/vollebak-miller-baker-pink-hoodie/


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