A Fake Sky Full of Stars

While listening to “A Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay I got inspired to start writing a blog about astronomy. I’m not sure where to STARt so I’ll STARt by look up science blogs that talk specifically about astronomy in order to learn some new things!

A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

While doing research for “Assignment 2” in my Science in Communication class at Louisiana State University, I got familiarized with some commonly viewed science blogs like Wired.Com, Scilogs.com, and NatGeoblog.com.

I started on Wired.com where I searched the word “astronomy.” The first 3 articles spoke specifically about the lunar eclipse that happened on September 27th, 2015. I was looking more for just general information about the sky, not this specific event that recently happened. So, I kept scrolling down the search page and found an article written by Taylor Glascok titled “These Photos of Starry Nights Aren’t of Starry Nights.”

While I started to read this article about the sky, stars, galaxies, and everything beyond, my topic for discussion quickly changed. That’s because Taylor Glascok wrote her article on a project called “Falling” which is focused on photograms. Glascok explains how Vanessa Marsh, the artist behind the project, creates her art using photograms. Marsh makes the beautifully realistic looking photos by exposing shapes and colors onto a special photographic paper. Marsh makes her own sky full of stars by painting transparent and acrylic ink on photographic negative paper. This paper reverses the color so the color you see in the bottle will turn out to be the complementary color on the paper!

The process of creating this “false reality,” as Marsh calls it, takes about 2 weeks. Marsh was inspired to create such beautiful pieces of art while studying cosmology and astronomy. “ ‘I want to create my own spaces and make something appear real and invented at the same time,’ she says. ‘This just happens to be the most natural way for me to do that’” (Glascok, pg. 1).

Some of Vanessa Marsh’s art can be found here : http://www.vanessamarshfineart.com/




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