Semester Reflection

When I first heard about this class, I immediately knew I had to sign up since I had a background in science and communication. Little did I know, I would be writing blogs, tweeting to science bloggers and interviewing scientist weekly.

My professors and advisers recommended me to learn from Paige Brown on science communication. It was the first time that the Manship School of Mass Communication would be offering a science communication class. I had to take the opportunity and learn more about it.

The first day was overwhelming since the syllabus had so much. In the end, all of it was worth it as I got better with meeting deadlines and understanding different areas of science. Since this was a coastal environmental course, I got to know more about the Louisiana’s coastline.

The course itself was overwhelming with deadlines of a story or projects, even though this class was a seminar class. As a result, I knew where to look for science articles and understand them more. The class was interesting as I became more interested in science.

I hope to apply what I have learn in this class in the future as I go into broadcast journalism. Thank you Zeynep and Paige for teaching this class!

Catherine Nguyen


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