New Coastal Sustainability Minor

Sarah Patterson

A new minor may be coming to Louisiana State University in the Fall of 2015. The Coastal Sustainability Studio, also known as the CSS, has received a grant to implement this new minor.

The CSS is a trans-disciplinarian studio created in 2009 to create solutions for coastal issues. The Studio works with the College of Art and Design, College of Engineering, and The School Coastal and Environmental Sciences. of The CSS aims to reach students and faculty of the LSU community through many opportunities. These opportunities include, informative lectures, job opportunities, grant options, and many other chances for the LSU community to get involved. According to the CSS, “We bring together disciplines that normally work separately so that we can respond to critical coastal issues in a comprehensive way”.

The CSS was awarded a $50,000 grant, from the W.M. Keck Foundation to create this minor Coastal Sustainability. The new minor will also be trans-disciplinarian, just like the CSS. “The new minor will link the practices of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and coastal and environmental science to offer a combination of training that is unique and valuable,” says the CSS. The new minor will hopefully encourage “ground-breaking” research projects among many different majors.

This new minor will add to LSU’s impact on Louisiana’s coastal issues, and hopefully come up with new and successful solutions.

For more information on the Coastal Sustainability Minor visit the CSS website. CSS logo


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