My Top 5 Sci-Blogs

Mason André

As I find and read more and more science blogs I’ve learned that I enjoy some in particular way more than others. A combination of content and the level I’m able to understand makes these blogs stand out to me and keep me going back and reading their posts. Here are my favorite 5 science blog that I’ve encountered thus far:

1.Brain Watch – – Christian Jarrett. Every single one of Jarrett’s posts have been extremely interesting to me! He uses just enough detail that I understand the science behind it but I don’t get lost in the statistics and processes. Each blog post relates to the brain, but they vary so much I don’t get bored at all!

2. Only Human  – – Virginia Hughes. I love the range of content from genetic to behavior and medicine! The title of almost every post is something that I read and wonder wow I really do want to know why that’s the case or why that’s happening. With science to back up astonishing information, I frequently check back and read all of her new posts!

3. Body Horrors – – Rebecca Kreston. Wonder what’s going on in and around your body? Rebecca does! I have gained more insight about my physical body than I did in 6 years of biology. Maybe I’m just a little better at understanding anatomy than other sciences but I feel there’s more detail than my other fave blogs and I can still understand it! I bring facts from her blog posts back to my friends and blow them away with my new info. Love this blog and all that Rebecca write about!

4. The Lay Scientist – – Martin Robbins. I love this blog because the politics and cultural posts that are always tied back to science. It’s nice to read about things objectivly that are usually addressed in a subjective way. These are very easy for a non-scientist (such as myself) to connect with and have an opinion about. The science is there to show things that were not considered elsewhere.

5. Tenacious Telomere – – Susan Swanberg. The range of topics covered here is awesome! With no specific interest presented on this blog, I like how it’s related to the here and now. I can always expect the newest post to be about a new and interesting topic, which keeps me coming back for more. I love the methods and links she uses to back up her science, it really intrigues me and I really love each post!

While these are my favorite 5, of course there are tons of other blogs, science and not, that I love and read about regularly as well! Blogs really are such a cool thing and a great tool in my education. I’m glad they’ve become so popular in my generation and have allowed me to broaden my horizons on many levels!


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