Give Back this Holiday Season

Mason André

With the holiday season upon us it seems like there’s excess of everything. Extra food, tons of gifts, more time spent with family and friends. With every get together there’s bound to be extra waste, but we can eliminate that by making a conscious effort to reduce energy waste and recycle.

With gift giving season being here, it’s likely you’ll acquire new gadgets and toys depending on if you have kids or not. This is a great time to clean out the closet and donate your older items to the local goodwill or salvation army. If you wait until after you have your new items, you make be tempted to just throw out the old ones, which creates more waste. Donating your items will help out the community and be nicer to the landfill!

Gift wrapping is the biggest major paper waster. Cheaply made gift wrap isn’t generally recyclable, so being extra creative can help the environment! One of my favorite things to do (which makes it look like you put more effort in) is to wrap my gifts in fun printed fabric and tie it up with ribbon. You can find cheap fabric squares at almost any fabric store and with the right deal it can end up costing less than wrapping paper! Other alternatives are using your daily newspaper to wrap gifts, or even just sticking a bow on the gift and not worrying about the paper at all.

If you’re putting up Christmas lights, opt for the led energy savers to save the energy and keep your bills low. These may cost you more up-front, but at the end of the month when you’re broke from buying Christmas gifts you’ll be glad the energy bill isn’t through the roof! You can donate your old non-led’s here and the company will send you a coupon for their led lights!

Remember, the holiday season is for giving, to friends, family, and back to the environment. You can celebrate without feeling guilty and everyone’s happy!


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