Crisis Communication

Andrea Miller, Associate Dean of the Manship School of Mass Communication, came to guest lecture the class on crisis communication.

She has been at LSU since 2003, and during her time, she has looked into how media responded to crisis, such as Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill. Prior to getting her PhD, Miller worked in a news station as a reporter and producer and witnessed a shooting in the church. That incident led her to specialize in crisis communication.

Miller started out the presentation on defining crisis communication on the press side and the public relation side. I was really shock how both sides can be similar, but different at the same time. Miller showed us the stages of a crisis for PR: detection, prevention/preparation, containment, recovery, and learning. She also showed us the stages for the press: detection, describing the event, analyzing, preparing audiences, and learning.

Getting to know more about crisis communication did help me as a journalist. After the lecture, I knew how to respond to crisis and saw how media responded to it.

Catherine Nguyen


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