Baton Rouge Water Campus and River Model

Sarah Patterson

The Water Campus of Baton Rouge will be a new research sitemap-lgcenter in downtown Baton Rouge. It will include research and educational labs and facilities. The water campus will take about 20 years to complete, and be home to 4,000 researchers over 35 acres along the Mississippi River.

The Water Campus will be addressing some of Louisiana’s most pressing issues. The most important of which is the “riding water”. The coast and the wetlands are slowly loosing land, and the water campus hopes to create solutions to this problem.
photo 2 (3)Among the researchers, the Louisiana CPRA, LSU River Modeling Center, and the Water Institute of the Gulf will be located on the campus. The River Modeling Center will contain a physical model of the Mississippi River Delta. Every one foot on the model will be equal to one mile on the river delta. The model will consist of roughly 216 panels, which are 5 feet by 10 feet. The model will be used to answer research questions like, how does a diversion impact areas above and below it? How do diversions impact navigation flooding hydraulics? The model will be able to model diversions and sediment movement in real time, with 1 hour equaling 1 year.

The River Model will not only be used for research but also for education. The Coastal Sustainability is designing the educational exhibit, which consists of interactive displays, archives, and other educational opportunities.


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