Putting Together a Community Outreach Plan

Lauren Land presented on how to create a community outreach plan using her knowledge from working with the Louisiana Sea Grant.

This guest lecture made putting the outreach plan easier and helped us with our goals. Following the ADDIE model, we were able to assess on how to improve communication for the Wetland Watchers. Our plan was to increase their social media presence and improve their website by linking their social media feed on the site.

Hearing the Sea Grant’s outreach to the Vietnamese community really opened my eyes. Since I’m from the Vietnamese community in New Orleans East, I’ve been hearing community meetings regarding to the fishermen since the BP oil spill. Since many of the older generation Vietnamese didn’t know English, Land and the Louisiana Sea Grant had a survey translated in their language, which benefits both sides.

Land introduced SMART goals to create a bigger picture of the outreach, but still keeping it realistic. Our audiences ranged from middle school students to the community to be involved in the educational program. Having an social media presence would promote the program not only to St. Charles parish, but to outside of Louisiana.

Land’s lecture taught me on how to plan to communicate to a community about an issue and implement it.

Catherine Nguyen


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