Interacting with Science Bloggers

When I found out that I need to use Twitter for this assignment, I instantly dreaded it since I hardly use the site. Ironically for a mass communication major, I only used my Twitter account for my classes.

We had to read and critique a science blogger’s blog over Twitter. Criticizing them for sensationalism, linking, and methods was a bit difficult since I didn’t know what to expect from these bloggers. Some were really engaging and a few were questionable. I have to admit, I skimmed through the long blog post or have fallen asleep reading the blogs.

Subjects that I’m unfamiliar with, like biology or biochemistry, made me confused. I do not have a strong background in biological sciences, just general chemistry and a little bit of physics. The blogs I have read did not really helped me understand the subject. I asked some bloggers to provide links of background information for readers to understand more about the subject. A few bloggers pointed out the links I tried looking, but didn’t really help. It’s a bit frustrating to look at and navigate through, but the bloggers tried to help me understand.

A few bloggers interacted with me in a polite manner and even answered my questions. Coming from someone who barely has any followers on Twitter, that surprises me that they would favorite or reply to it. When I get a Twitter notification on my phone, I usually would ignore it or reply to it later.

Would I use Twitter more after this class? Probably not. I mostly use the site to be constantly updated on news. If you want to look at the critiques I have made, find me on Twitter @cmdnguyen. You probably don’t want to follow me, because I rarely tweet.

Catherine Nguyen


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