Blogging about Blogs

by Kathryn Courtney


The past couple weeks the class has read and analyzed multiple science blog posts. After we are done reading the blogs we critique them through Twitter. During this process, we received positive and negative feedback from the science bloggers.

The first time I sent my tweets, almost immediately I received feedback. I was excited and thrilled that someone actually responded to me and on the first time too! The feedback was positive and the science blogger wanted to learn why he/she needed to put links in the blog posts. I responded back and the blogger was open-minded and liked what I had to say.

On the other hand, some of my classmates were not so lucky with their feedback. One science blogger went on a rant about how students are critiquing his/her professional work. This blogger should welcome any and all comments or tweets about his/her work, so the blogger can learn more and become a better science blogger. This bloggers outlashing at the students, just shows how unprofessional this person really is. Although, when the class discussed this incident it was very comical and we all got a laugh out of it.

Take aways from the two different approaches to criticism I would say, is to have an open-mind. Whether is be about your writing or just in life, take it easy and try to understand another person’s point of view. Do not create havoc and stressful situations, but be receptive to new ideas.


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