Labeling GMOs on Food

Imagine you’re in a grocery store trying to buy food for the week. You try to eat healthier by making better choices. You see two similar products: one is labeled “organic” and the other is not labeled. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you would choose the organic product.

Though organic products are more expensive, they do not contain genetically modified organisms. GMOs are not considered safe, even though it is not scientifically proven.

I read a post about Colorado and Oregon not getting GMO labeling on food. Having GMO labels on food does limit choices rather than expanding them. When the European Union required GMO labeling in 1999, most brands removed their products containing the label from retail stores.

White Rice and genetically modified Golden Rice

White Rice and genetically modified Golden Rice

I did tweet out to the writer of the blog backing up her alternatives. Another person tweeted me back about meeting another writer opposing GMO labeling (but she deleted her tweet/account).

In a way, read more about GMOs and the health risks or benefits before taking a stance. You don’t want to end up being embarrassed on national television. Here’s a clip from Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Americans about GMOs.

Catherine Nguyen


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