The Personable Lauren Land

By Kathryn Courtney

Lauren Land, the sustainability coordinator of the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program, talked to the class about the ADDIE model of project design. ADDIE stands for assessment, design, develop, implement and evaluate. ADDIE is not a slang term for Adderall the prescription drug used to treat ADHD, I obviously was confused. Through out her presentation, she was very personable. I felt like I could relate to her, which made her as an individual and her presentation very engaging.

I enjoyed the process agenda handout that she gave out. She had an example for the class to follow along. This handout was very helpful for our environmental communication project.

I thought she could have prepared a little better. She wanted to go out of order to determine the SMART objectives in her example. Personally, this didn’t bother me much, but it was a hiccup in the flow of her presentation. However, this hiccup just helped me understand how specific the SMART objectives need to be. Also, the hiccup made me like her even more because the interruption made her more personable and that people even professionals mess up too.

In conclusion, I enjoyed her ideas and learned a lot in her presentation. One idea that I was fond of is a course needs to be established about making and maintain relationships. Since I was a freshman, everyone told me that getting a job or being successful was all about relationships and networking.


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