Crisis Communication

by Kathryn Courtney

PhD. Andrea Miller discussed crisis communication. I love the way she gave multiple examples throughout her presentation. This allowed different perspectives of vocabulary and crisis helped me understand her points

The issues during the presentation are visually it was boring. The slides were black and white and only 4 or 5 pictures were presented. The lack of color and visuals left the presentation bland; therefore, I was not fully engaged and found my self not fully paying attention.

The 3 visuals that Miller included were very engaging and caught my attention. The visuals were iconic images that represented specific crisis. “Power of the image,” said Miller. “Images can really change the way people see and interpret the event,” said Miller.

She talked a lot about how powerful visuals are, but she only used 3 in her presentation. Maybe she wanted the class to pay attention to her and not the slides. Overall, I enjoyed the presentation even though the slides were dull.


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