The future of online environmental science news

If I were going to devise an environmental science news website for the digital age, here is a rough sketch of how it would appear.
There would be a main photo with rotating stories about local environmental news. There would also be a twitter feed embedded so viewers can see live conversations. Information on the website would be articles and blog posts about relevant environmental science news based on their location.
The content would be produced by not only science journalists, but bloggers. Content producers could play any role depending on the story – advocate, civic educator, curator, watchdog, investigative reporter, etc.
Each article or post would be required to link to other published articles and peer reviewed information to assure credibility.
This site would be different from current environmental science news outlets because not only would there be a public comment forum, but an area linking to twitter showing conversations about the article. Viewers can tweet each other and the author questions. This would involve all audiences and prevent miscommunication or confusion.
Maddie Duhon

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