Audubon Aquarium of the Americas


New Orleans Aquarium

by Michelle Watson

Last weekend I attended the Society of Environmental Journalists annual conference in New Orleans. After listening to what the speakers had to say, we went to the aquarium with the passes they provided us. Coming from Atlanta’s aquarium that houses whale sharks, the aquarium in New Orleans was much smaller!

They had all of your typical aquarium attractions like sharks, eels, jellyfish, and catfish. There was even a frog exhibit with lots of exotic tree frogs! However, one exhibit seemed to hit a nerve: the penguin exhibit.

It was nice to see them swimming around and jumping in and out of the water, but to me it seemed as though the exhibit should have had more space. There were at least 20+ penguins in a really small exhibit. I’m usually not someone who gets upset about animals in captivity, but the lack of space that these precious animals had to move around in, made me very upset.

The two species housed in this exhibit are the Rockhopper penguin from South America and African penguins. These are both species that live in warmer climates with sufficient space to move around and migrate in.

Again, I’ve never be upset about animals in captivity…usually because I’m the one who likes to come and see the animals in captivity! The lack of space and water for these penguins to move around needs to be improved.


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