Gordon Brillon

My name is Gordon Brillon. I’m a fourth-year Mass Communication senior (with a minor in Environmental Science) from Lincoln, Rhode Island. I’m taking this class because it’s pretty much a perfect fit between my two courses of study. But I’m interested in this topic because I  wanted to be a scientist long before I wanted to be a journalist. My interest in environmental science was piqued in high school, when we learned about ecology and the interconnected webs of animal populations — how an increase in prey population led to a surplus of food for predators and a swell in predator population, which in turn caused a decrease in prey population and the whole system eventually becomes a bunch of sine waves. This remarkable natural rhythm and symmetry jibed with what I had experienced of the beauty of natural systems, and I found myself hooked.

Since then, I’ve rediscovered a love for nature and its serenity that drives me to learn as much about it as I can and make others want to protect it as much as I do.



Gordon backpacking in West Virginia


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